How to create my account?

Click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and fill in the registration form. All mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Please make sure that the information you provide is correct, as it will be used to log you in and issue slips.

Why certify my email address?

We need your email address for several reasons, including :

  • inform you that your bid has been received
  • inform you when a bid higher than yours has been submitted that your bid has been received
  • inform you that you are the winner of an auction at the end of the auction
  • offer to change your password
  • etc.

It is therefore essential that your e-mail address is correct and that you have access to it.

I have not received the confirmation code for my email address

There are several possible reasons:

  • Our message is in your Spam folder ! Take a look!
  • You have declared one of our messages as undesirable. In this case, unfortunately, and in accordance with the requirements of the CNIL and the RGPD, we are no longer authorized to send you messages. The only alternative is then to use another email address.
  • You use a message blocker such as mailinblack, alto spam or vade secure. Not a good idea! Sure, you'll be blocking possible spam (which your email client can already do!), but more importantly, you won't be receiving any messages. These systems use robots that don't accept automatic replies. We can't unblock transmitted requests.
  • Your mail server is down. In this case, we will repeat the sending process until it is successful, over a period of several days.
  • Your inbox is full
  • You use a disposable address. A very bad idea! These addresses are public and can be consulted by anyone!

In the event of a problem, please contact us, clearly indicating the problem and, above all, the e-mail address used.

Update my email address

Click on the icon in the top right-hand corner, then use the "My account" menu or frame.

From this page you can change your login email address and/or your billing email address.


Rules and best practices :

  • Use a unique password, i.e. one that is not used on other sites or services.
  • Diversify characters (lowercase, uppercase, numbers, special characters)
  • Use a password manager such as keyPass to store your passwords securely.
  • Never give out your password
  • Your password is irreversibly encrypted. We have no way of knowing it.

I lost my password

On the login page, use the "Lost password" link. You will receive an email with a reset link.


How do I know if I've won a lot?
  1. A message appears on the screen on the product page
  2. An email is sent to you
How do I get an invoice?
  1. The invoice(s) are available in your customer area on the website.
  2. The auction house will also send you a slip.
Cost of sales

Selling costs are indicated in the Conditions tab of each lot. They are to be added to the auction price.

How secure is payment?

Credit card payments are processed and secured by Stripe. No bank details are recorded or stored on our servers. More info on Stripe.com.